The Grünberger features a creamy texture with a delicious fruity and earthy flavour. This cheese is made from highest quality milk from the Lake Constance region in East Switzerland.

Type Grünberger Mild Grünberger Réserve
Maturation period Min. 5 Months Min. 10 Months
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grande swiss

Grande Swiss

The rich and crunchy texture with a fruity and sweet flavour makes this cheese unique.

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Switzerland Swiss

Mild, nutty with eyes. The Switzerland Swiss is an exquisite delicacy for every occasion. This cheese is offered in consumer units and wheels. Slices are also available.

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Appenzeller belongs to Switzerland’s outstanding cheese specialities. This cheese is matured and cared by using the mysterious herbal brine. The enchanting, hilly landscapes of Appenzell with their wholesome, richly aromatic pastures provide the ideal basis for the natural, robust raw milk of which Appenzeller cheese is made.

Type Appenzeller Silver Label Appenzeller Gold Label Appenzeller Black Label
Maturation period Min. 3 Months Min. 4 Months Min. 6 Months
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Emmentaler Switzerland AOP

The famous holes make Emmentaler one of the most popular Swiss cheeses. Emmentaler is a firm cheese with a pale yellow colour and a buttery, mildly sharp, slightly nutty taste. Emmentaler features the characteristic holes or “eyes” typical of Swiss cheese. The holes in the Emmentaler are formed by gas bubbles released by the cultures that are used during the cheese production.

The cheese melts extraordinarily well, making it a popular choice for fondues, grilled sandwiches and baked dishes that include cheese. It can also be sliced and eaten plain, and is a popular inclusion on cheese plates.

Type Emmentaler Switzerland AOP Mild Emmentaler Switzerland AOP Réserve Emmentaler Switzerland AOP Cave Aged
Maturation period Min. 5 Months Min. 10-12 Months Min. 15 Months
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Gruyère Switzerland AOP

Produced since at least 1115 in the region surrounding the small town of Gruyère. With its subtle and sophisticated taste, it is the authentic cheese of the French speaking region of Switzerland. Gruyère cheese owes its subtlety and characteristic taste to the best quality unpasteurized milk coming straight from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter.

Type Gruyère Switzerland AOP Mild Gruyère Switzerland AOP Spicy Gruyère Switzerland AOP Réserve Gruyère Switzerland AOP Cave Aged
Maturation period Min. 6 Months Min. 8 Months Min. 10-14 Months Min. 15 Months
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Tête de Moine AOP

Tête de Moine AOP is a semi-hard cheese with a silky body which easily melts in your mouth. It is not cut, but planned into the shape of delicate rosettes. The planning technique increases the amount of air coming into contact with the surface of the cheese, altering the structure of its body and allowing the full flavor of Tête de Moine AOP to develop. This gives the cheese an even more delicious taste.

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Tilsiter Switzerland

Tilsiter Switzerland is a classic Swiss semi-hard cheese. It is produced by family-run dairies in the cantons of Thurgau and St. Gallen and in the Zurich highlands, with a great deal of love and expertise. Each whole cheese is prepared by hand and tended to in the cheese cellars as it matures. This cheese can be eaten as part of a simple meal or used as a basic ingredient for sophisticated dishes.

Type Tilsiter Switzerland Mild Tilsiter Switzerland Surchoix
Maturation period Min. 1-2 Months Min. 4-6 Months
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The unique presentation of Sbrinz curls appeals to cheese enthusiasts. It is the only cheese presented in curls, which enhances the presentation of salads and cheese plates and offers a new look to a great cheese. Sbrinz cheese comes from Central Switzerland with a rich history that dates back to 1881. The taste and structure of Sbrinz cheese are very similar to the Italian classics.

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Swiss Lady

Swiss Lady is a creamy cheese, mild in flavour with a smooth texture. It is made of raw, thermised cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 12 weeks.

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Adding too much cream to a mixture can help a cheese to win a world cheese award gold medal… The Thunderstorm is an aromatic mountain cheee with an exceptionally creamy texture.

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Red Devil

The Red Devil cheese gets its punch from the combination of fermentation and brine in the maturing process that lasts at least 6 months. A very tasty and aromatic cheese.

Type Red Devil Red Devil extra
Maturation period Min. 6 Months Min. 8-10 Months
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L’Armailli de Gruyère

Armailli de Gruyère is an exceptional cheese developed according to an ancestral recipe passed down through four generations and given the flavor du jour by our master cheese-maker. This cream-based cheese, with a semi-hard body, is produced exclusively from milk from la Gruyère, then delicately ripened for 4 to 5 months until it has reached perfect maturity.

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Le Poya

Le Poya takes its name from the famous ascent to the high mountain pasture at the start of summer. Produced from milk that comes exclusively from Pays de Fribourg, ripened for several months in humid and cool cellars, Le Poya brings together all the qualities, know-how and tradition of a regional cheese with character. Its full-bodied and flavorful taste makes it a highly appreciated cheese among connoisseurs as an aperitif or in the guise of a dessert cheese.

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Mont Gibloux

This tasty and aromatic cheese has a soft texture, combined with a seductive character that will charm the palate of the consumer and delight the lover of cheeses of exceptional quality and rare origin. But no words could ever describe with adequate detail the flavor of such a jewel.

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Fondue & Raclette


The combination of Emmentaler, Gruyère cheese and white wine makes this ready to eat fondue a delicacy and creates memorable moments with family and friends.

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Raclette is the most traditional Swiss cheese speciality and has always been a social meal – just like Raclette cheese, let those hours melt away…

Raclette cheese is available in many different forms :
-Traditional / Classic
-with added peppercorns
-chili pepper

Type Classic Truffle
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