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The Company – Founders

Thomas Hinz

Thomas Hinz

Now is the right moment for Real Swiss Cheese

“After working for a multinational food retail chain as a cheese buyer, I saw the big potential that Swiss cheese still has. Swiss cheese is a unique, high quality and authentic product. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that through good marketing, sale and product design the export of Swiss cheese will be increased.”

As a former cheese buyer I know the needs of the market. Conversely, I am familiar with the situation and the structures of the Swiss dairies as well as the cheese makers themselves. Thus, I know where the best Swiss cheese is produced.”

Stefan Wolfensberger

Stefan Wolfensberger

Focus on the right product

“My entrepreneurial mindset and international background is the perfect combination to promote Swiss cheese all over the world.”

“After several years in the financial industry, it was time for a change.
Now my focus and motivation lies in the sales of Swiss cheese.

“The expertise I acquired through my international Master in Finance and Economics supports our co-operation.”